Metal Strainers

Basket type Strainer

We are a unique name in the industry to provide our prestigious clients an exclusive range of Basket Type Strainer.

Other Details:

  • Suitable for High flow and large Filtration area for more debris collection in the pipeline, on suction and discharge side of the pump for Sea Water, Raw water, Lube & Fuel Oil, and other fluids and chemicals. The Fabricated strainer is suitable for high pressure. It is widely demanded in coal mining, paper making industry, etc


  • Corrosion proof

  • Durability

  • Sturdy design

Duplex Strainer

We are engaged in providing the best quality range of Duplex Strainer.

Other Details:

  • The Duplex filter consist of two filters connected in parallel through a changeover device which consists of two balls housed in one housing, for operation with a single handle

  • Inlet and the Outlet at the same level and in opposite direction

  • Therefore the filter as such can be installed in existing pipeline

  • Side bodies (filter housings) are flange mounted with our unique double ball changeover device and can be made to any size to increase filtration area and debris collection volume

  • Leak proof design with bubble tight sealing as in the case of ball valves

  • Easily replaceable PTFE seats of balls

Y Strainers

In order to cater the diversified demands of our clients, we have been able to provide a unique range of Y Strainers.

Other Details:

  • Bronze ‘Y’ Strainers are very commonly used in heating and cooling systems, pipeline carrying water and other liquids and in various machines

  • Machined seats for perfect seating of element

  • NPT or BSP threaded connections

  • Provided with blow off plug

  • The plug can be replaced with ball value for cleaning & flushing

  • These flanged ‘Y’ strainers are most commonly used

  • These are suitable for water, Oil & Gas

  • The design is compact and full flow, with large filtration area for low pressure drop and more debris collection

  • It is provided with drain Plug which can be replaced with Ball valve for frequent blow off

  • Element is strengthened for rigidity and long life and fitted in machined seats

  • Flanges provided are as per ANSI B16.5 150#, DIN 10 or to customer’s requirement

  • Suitable for working pressure or upto 250 PSI (16 KG/cm2), hydraulically tested to 30 Kg/cm2. Magnetic insert for element can be supplied (Optional)